What we can do for you...


Media Relations

Knowing how much and what to say to a reporter are important. Generally, everything you say is "on the record." It can be a daunting position in which to find yourself, particularly when you have had little time to prepare. We have been there... and have learned by trial and error! In fact, in one instance, we actually learned of potentially damaging news from the press when they phoned to get a comment!

 What do you do?

 Keep your cool and know that you control the situation.  After all, they want something from you. Equally important... how do you get coverage when you want it? The media is very savvy to ploys for publicity. Do you know what sells a story to the media? We do. Capitalize on our experience in ensuring media coverage when you really have a story to tell. 

Event Planning

 Planning any event involves attention to detail rarely realized by those in attendance.  If you want a stellar occasion,   then you need to hire the best planners you can.  We are detail-masters in event planning!  We have planned numerous events   including a national five-day convention, a traditional Native American Canoe Paddle, a Museum Grand Opening and Fundraising   Gala, an annual business EXPO, golf tournaments, coat collections for the needy, and many other events.

No time to plan?  No worries!  We have put together very successful  events in short order.  In 1993, when the Des Moines, Iowa area was flooded and drinking water was at a premium, my team and  I put together a bottled water collection event in no time!    During the one-day event, we collected more than 500,000 gallons of  bottled water to ship to the Midwest! 


What perception do you envision for your organization?  Knowing how to present the right messages and with an appealing and appropriate look is consequential.

We not only maintain sensitivity to the audience who will read your messages and the critics who may try to invalidate  your cause, but can help you reach your target audience.  Maybe it's time to try something new.... Cut through the  clutter of marketing materials and get your message read.  Generating new ideas is our forte. How about the Internet and Social Media? Everyone is on the web today, but is it right for you and your message?  We can help you make a difference 

Freelance Writing

To spend eight hours writing is not uncommon.  We have experience writing for television, for the web, writing news releases, long-format articles, newsletters and creating marketing tools.  For example, we have written and produced 10 documentaries, numerous brochures, annual summary reports and a wide variety of published articles, including one for  Bedrooms and Baths magazine (April 1997).

There is no subject we won't tackle at least once! 

Community Outreach

 There is a definite adroitness necessary when dealing with the public, some of whom may be frustrated or concerned  about impending changes that affect them. With the experience of more than seven years of Community Relations/Public Affairs in Seattle, we have been exposed to many different situations from television network changes to the building of a museum in a residential area.

Most situations can be assuaged by preparedness with the facts, answers to questions and listening to the concerns of the public in a calm and meditated fashion.